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Dog Portrait

Pet Sitting

Go to work guilt free safe in the knowledge that your pet is being looked after and your home is secure.


We provide a home visiting service where many of our clients provide us with a key and we can visit your pet and provide our services as required.

Services include Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Feeding, Enrichment Games, Playtime, Overnight Sitting in your Home, Changing Litter Trays, Bird/Hamster/Reptile etc clean cage and add new substrate.


We specialise in Dog, Reptile/Lizard and Exotic Frog Care but are experienced in many other Animal Care Services. Why not take advantage of our Home Visit service where we can ensure all of your pets are fed, watered and clean.


We can also provide a security check service whilst visiting your pet such as open/close curtains, turn lights on/off, bring in post etc.


We will always provide regular update pics/messages to inform you that all is well.

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