About Us

Hello and welcome to The Four Paws Agency. Our Business was set up in 2016 through our main love in life, yes you've guessed it Dogs. We love everything about them so we decided to put our love and knowledge into caring for them every day for many people. We initially started for just a few local clients and family, such was the demand that we have decided to launch 5 days a week from October 2018. 

We understand that people have daily work commitments, need to enjoy a holiday or a night or day out, here at The Four Paws Agency we can assist you with all of this by visiting your Loved Ones.  We provide an excellent first class service that includes Dog Walking, Dog Sitting and Enrichment Games all within Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding areas.

Our Team

Will Hickman


Hello my name is Will, i am the founder of The Four Paws Agency. 

I worked in the Health and Safety Industry for over 20 years but always had a niggling desire to fulfill my true aspirations and love in life, that was to work with Dogs. 

I eventually set up my dream and have created an amazing working life that i truly love every day. I have always been a massive animal lover especially dogs and have owned many including my current dog Archie, a 12 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

I am very passionate about the welfare of all animals and my love, care and commitment to them shows every day.

Mandy Smith
Nikki Southwick-Gough

Hi! My name is Mandy. 


I have recently been taken on as a dog walker with the Four Paws Agency and I am grinning from ear to ear with the thought of spending so much time with these fascinating creatures.  


I could never see my life without a dog. I have a keen interest in their behaviour too. I carry out lots of research to develop my knowledge.  I am an advocate for positive reward training and believe us humans need the training just as much as the dogs!


My husband and I have a 7 year old German Shepherd called Luna.  She was a 4 year old rescue when we got her.  She appeared to be unfamiliar with suburbia and very skittish. But with perseverance and patience, we’ve helped her become more comfortable with her surroundings and she is a real pleasure to have in our family. 


My other interests are Upcycling and camping.